McComas High Class of 1949 

Trip to Washington, DC

Top Row (left to right):  Ms. Agatha Hughes (teacher died May 2001 age 86), James Royal, Keith Skidmore, Harold Wood, Mickey Ables, Mitzi Hodges, Bill Hedrick, Vic Becorest, L. A. Curran (brother of Jackie Curran), Bill Landreth

Center Row (left to right):  Paul Dodson, Elsie Stocchi, Jackie Curran (sister of L.A. Curran), Larry Mathena, Dot Hurst, Nellie Dickson, Dessie Riggs, Pete Powers, Steve Hash

Front Row (left to right): Mary Sperry, Ted Farrington, Rachel Clark, Betty Harvey, Rosa Krondon, Robert Conner, Betty Parcell, Ken Staffored, Stanley Hodges

Photograph and names of classmates supplied by Jackie Curran Howard (3rd person from the left in the center row) June 2001