Harry Franklin Odle (1907-1977) 
Victoria Gertie Spicer Odle (1911-1998)

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September 1, 2007

Odle/Spicer Reunion
Conner Mountain

held at the old homeplace
(newly remodeled) of
Harry & Victoria Spicer Odle

Roscoe Odle (son of Harry & Victoria) has spent 3 years working on his parents house.  You can see the new roof and siding he has installed plus 2 porches currently around the back and kitchen sides of the house.  He plans to extend the porch further around in the future.  He has bulldozed the yard making it flat and a new lawn was planted with straw on it as you can see in the photos.  WV has experienced a severe drought this summer but his lawn is starting to materilize. My husband Jim Smith took  pictures and I spent the day talking so I thank him so much for his efforts.  If anyone else has additional photos or can help me name the faces pass them on and use the picture # I've added and pinpoint the location of the person so I can identify them.

Roscoe, Nancy, Sylvia and all of Victoria's children you don't how much I appreciate your efforts and what a journey back into our childhood memories we shared this day.  THANK YOU ALL!

Photos taken by Jim Smith - husband of Patty "Spicer" Smith

!. Roscoe Odle (looking down), Lonnie Odle (bending over), Skip Odle (long sleeved blue shirt) - baby is grandchild of Lonnie

2.  Lonnie Odle's daughter Tina, Gladys wife of Skip Odle, ?, Mary Odle (wife of Mike who is the son of Roscoe & Susan)

3.  Joseph Hicks (Nancy Odell's grandson & son of Diana), Tanya (daughter of Nancy Odell (in yellow shirt) , Kimberly wife of Joseph Hicks (in orange shirt)

4.  Roscoe Odle (with camera)

Roscoe owns & operates S&R Heating & Cooling out of his shop at Shawnee Lake Bottom near Princeton.  His wife Susan is his office manager and they have a very lucrative business for themselves.  In fact he has many family members on his payroll.  He's done well for himself and his family - We're proud of you Roscoe - from Patty...

5.  Opal Spicer (green shirt), Karen Garland (daughter of Patty Spicer), Patty Spicer partially obscured by Karen, Nancy Odell (with glasses in white shirt grinning at the camera), Diana - oldest daughter of Nancy Odell (white shirt - on the right)

6.  Roscoe Odle, Opal Spicer, Nancy Odell (white shirt), Chris Smith son of Patty Spicer (blue/white stripped shirt), Diane oldest daughter of Nancy Odell

the food is spread out on the kitchen porch tables - you can see the size of it - very wide & long

7.Paula O'dell (Macie Spicer & Paul O'dell's daughter), Faye (Toots)  (Charles Spicers wife), ?

(right), Diana, Opal, Nancy, Roscoe, Barbara Jean Spicer's daughter in red shirt (name ?),  ? ?

8.  Sylvia (red slippers), Nancy sitting, Cynthia & grandson with back to the camera (wife of Lonnie), Pam (white blouse - daughter of Sylvia, Diana (white blouse) & Lisa (pink tank top) daughters of Nancy Odle, Eddie Odle (son of Cynthia Gilmore & Lonnie Odle)  their all onto of the cystern that Roscoe rebuilt for the house after th mining crack destroyed the old one.

9.  Roscoe & Opal - with Patty "Spicer" Smith off the porch beside Opal

10. ?,  Brian Odle (son of Gladys & Skip Odle),  ?  unidentified

11.  man in tie died shirt (Chris - Paula Odell's husband - Paula is the daughter of Macie Spicer & Paul Odell), Charles Jr (son of Faye & Charles Spicer, Faye (Toots) Spicer, Cynthia (Lonnie's wife)

12.  boy in brown shirt (Matthew- Jimmy's son), Jimmy Odle,  Danny Lusk (red checkered shirt), gray shirt sitting is Denny Grose - husband of Opal Spicer Grose I don't know names of any of the others in this photo

13.  Patty's family - Lauren (black shirt) is married to my son Chris who is in the stripped blue shirt - their 3 year old Allie is in the green shirt and their 7 year old son Scott in the red stripped shirt - Chris & family live in Taneytown, MD

Opal Spicer & her husband standing on the porch taking to me "Patty", Opal lives in Ohio

My son-in-law Eric Garland kneeling in the yard and my oldest daughter Karen on the porch (white pants) - their son Daniel (2) in the orange shirt - they live in Canton, GA

14.  another shot of the same people note this is the corner of the kitchen and back porch area - it doesn't look like the same house on this side.

15.  Jimmy Odle sitting (blue shirt & pants), Charles Spicer with back to camera he also has on a blue plaid shirt.  other names I don't know

16.  A view of the back yard

17.  Back porch view

18.  Another back porch view  Danny Lusk (red checkered shirt), Jerry Spicer (blue shirt front of truck is the son of Alvie Spicer who was a brother to my grandfather Andrew Spicer)

19.  Patty's grandchildren Katlyn (8), and her brother Scott (7)

20.  Its now eating time

21.  Lauren, Allie & Katlyn Smith preparing food (Pat's family)

22.  Lauren feeding her children - Roscoe had plenty of tables set up in the yard to accommodate everyone. 

22.  Cynthia (Lonnie's wife in the back - plaid shirt).  Pats son Chris & his family.  I use to bring Chris up to visit my father when he was staying with Victoria - Chris was an infant - that was a few years ago!!!

Family Quotes...

"You don't choose your family.
They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." Desmond Tutu

"I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich." MASH, Colonel Potter

"Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future." Gail Lumet Buckley

"Be generous with appropriate hugs, kisses, pats on the back and handholds. Let these small actions demonstrate the love you have for family and friends." Author Uknown

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." Jane Howard

Blood's thicker than water, and when one's in trouble
Best to seek out a relative's open arms.
~Author Unknown



Photos below provided by Carolyn Spicer - wife of Ed Spicer (son of Alvie & Arie Spicer)

23.  Joseph "Joey" Hicks and his mother Diana (daughter of Nancy & Eugene O'Dell)  I think this is such a great family photo of mother & son (smile)

24.  Skipper Odle - son of Harry & Victoria

25.  Charles Spicer son of Henry (left), Kevin (behind Charles), Ed Spicer (right side of table gray striped shirt - son of Alvie Spicer), Roscoe Odle (gray shirt with sunglasses on beside Ed), Danny Lusk (red plaid shirt (right)

26.  Violet Beggs Spicer widow of Tracey Spicer (son of Johnny & his 1st wife Lola Spicer)

27.  Sylvia Odle Green - daughter of Victoria & Harry

standing inside the new living room built onto the rear portion of the house

28.  Pam - daughter of Sylvia - granddaughter of Harry & Victoria

29.  Barbara Jean Spicer Richardson (daughter of Henry & Myrtle - in the white top sitting in the middle of the sofa) - her husband Jim and daughter Kathy (red shirt) - we were looking at photo albums I had brought with many old family photos - everyone was excited to learn about them.


30.  Patty "Spicer: Smith (green shirt - sitting) going over the photo albums I had with me.  Barbara Jean was sitting to my right and Mildred Spicer Pennington was standing to my left.  I've been gathering family genealogy for over 10 years now. 

31.  Newly renovated dining area - the kitchen wall had been removed and what was once a bedroom is now part of the kitchen.

Maxine Spicer - daughter of Johnny Spicer is sitting at the left back portion of the table (black shirt with blue flowers).  I''m not certain who the others are? 

32.  You can see the kitchen to the rear with a bar area where the wall use to be.  Nancy Spicer White sleeveless blouse center/back of the table - Violet Beggs Spicer sitting at the right end of the table.

Nancy is a daughter of Johnny Spicer, Mildred, & Maxine are her sisters - Violet is a sister-in-law to them.

33.  Walking on the porch is Susan - wife of Roscoe Odle (she has the blue pants, white top on), sitting on the cystern are Eric my son-in-law and Lauren - my daughter-in-law and Lauren's 3 year old daughter Allie Mae.  I'm not certain who the others are

34. Shirley Spicer   - sitting with the plaid shirt on.  She is a daughter of Henry Spicer  My son Chris is in the background with the blue/white stripped shirt on. 

35.  Charles Spicer - end of table in the forefront of this picture.  I'm uncertain who the others are.

36.  Again Shirley Spicer sitting in the plaid shirt -

37.  Ed Spicer (son of Alvie Spicer)

38.  Kevin Spicer - son of Ed & Carolyn Spicer (grandson of Alvie Spicer)

29.  Eric (Sylvia's Grandson) & Andy (Roscoe's grandson)

30.  table in forefront is Jim Smith husband of Patty "Spicer" Smith eating his lunch - Jim was raised at Beartown - just around the ridge road from Conner Mountain

The following photos are courtest of Mildred Spicer Pennington - daughter of Johnny & Mamie Spicer

31.  Sylvia Odle Green - daughter of Harry & Victoria

32.  Samantha Church with her grandmother Nancy Odle O'Dell - Sylvia's son-in-law (Pam's husband Jeff) is seated beside Nancy in the black hat.  Sam is the daughter of Nancy's oldest daughter Charlotte.

33.  Good-looking Lonnie Odle son of Harry & Victoria and the baby of the family - he seems to keep his young looks eternally

34.  Skipper Odle - son of Harry & Victoria - Skip & Roscoe both still live on Conner Mountain.

35.  Opal Spicer - daughter of Henry & Myrtle (granddaughter of Andrew)

36.  Kevin Spicer - son of Ed & Carolyn - grandson of Alvie Spicer