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Harry Franklin Odle (1907-1977) 
Victoria Gertie Spicer Odle (1911-1998)


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September 1, 2007

Odle/Spicer Reunion
Conner Mountain

held at the old homeplace
(newly remodeled) of
Harry & Victoria Spicer Odle


Photos supplied by Tina Odle Bryant - daughter of Lonnie & Cynthia Gilmore Odle

1.  Family of Myrtle Mathena & Henry Spicer

(back) 1 (can't see), 2, 3, Marvin Spicer, 5,
Shirley Spicer, 7, 8, Roger Spicer,
Jim Richardson (husband of Barbara Jean),
Kathy (daughter of Barbara Jean), Barbara Jean Spicer Richardson

(front) 1, Roger Dean Spicer (son of Roger), Reva Spicer (Marvin's wife),  Charles Jr. (son of Charles) , Faye (Toots) O'dell Spicer (wife of Charles), Charles Spicer, Opal Spicer Gross, Opals Husband (Denny Gross), 9

I need help naming others here

2.   Mary Odle (Mike's wife), Beth Odle (Travis wife) Mike & Travis are son's of Roscoe & Susan Odle,
 Mike's 2 daughters Kaitlen (standing white shirt) 
& Kayla (sitting brown shirt) and their friend sitting
(white shirt)


                               3.  Gladys Odle (wife of Skip)

4.Larry Rae Green (son of Sylvia Odle Green)  and his wife Amy

5.  Sylvia Odle Green & her husband Larry (baby is Ella - Larry's daughter and granddaughter of Sylvia & Larry)

6. Siblings - Sylvia, Lonnie, Skip, Jimmy - children of Harry & Victoria Odle (Sylvia is holding her granddaughter Ella) , Matthew son of Jimmy in brown shirt

7.  Lonnie Odle and grandchildren (Katie Garrett - Sheila's daughter and Lonnie Ray Odle - Eddie's son)

8.  Lonnie Ray Odle,  Katie Garrett (grandchildren of Lonnie Odle),  Ella (maroon shirt - Sylvia's granddaughter)

 9.  Sue Odle (Alans wife - daughter-in-law to Peanut Odle), Timmy Odle (son of Peanut & Shirley Odle)

10.  Allen Odle (son of Peanut & Shirley Sigmon Odle) and his uncle Jimmy Odle