Articles pulled from the Archives
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concerning the McComas Area
bullet November 26, 1922 The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, WV Mine Death List Posted by Department

Mercer -- October 14, Dan Greene, negro, miner, was killed by fall of slate at Sagamore mine, Pocahontas fuel company.

bullet December 22, 1922  The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, WV  Names and Details of Mine Deaths are Issued

Mercer:  November 18 Manuel Carreno, Spanish, miner, was killed by fall of slate at Sagamore mine, Pocahontas fuel company.

bullet March 8, 1931 The Charleston Dailey Mail, Charleston, WV Acts of Heroism Bring Recognition Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association Rewards West Virginians by L.S. Conness The Daily Mail Correspondent WASHINGTON March 7.... Certificates of honor were given Tom Washington, of the Standard Lime and Stone company, Martinsburg, for having handled explosives and blasting in the quarries of this company for 37 years without having an accident to himself or others; to the Sagamore Mine, Pocahontas Fuel company, McComas for having operated since November 18, 1922 without a fatality, there being 2,423,370 tons of coal produced by the mine from that time up to the first of the present year.....
bullet The Dominion News Morgantown, WV   Basketball Section
  • January 18, 1957    Herndon 60    McComas 52
  • January 22, 1958    Montcalm 69  McComas 60
  • January 25, 1958    Matoaka 71   McComas 46
  • January 29, 1958    Bramwell 70   McComas 62
  • January 31, 1958   McComas 68  Sandstone 46
  • February 12, 1958  Montcalm 87  McComas 83
  • February 26, 1958  Herndon 82    McComas 73
  • February 27, 1958 Class B Tournaments  Section 27  Montcalm 78   McComas 56
bullet The Dominion News Morgantown, WV October 18, 1958 CHARLESTON (AP) -- Five coal mines were cited for stream pollution by the State Water Commission yesterday.

The ditations mean representatives of the companies must appear at a hearing and show cause whey they should not be placed under commission orders to abate pollution.

This is the first step in the procedure provided by law whereby the commission can force abatement of stream pollution.

If, after a hearing the commission is not satisfied that progress is being made, it may order a company to cease pollution.  If the order is not obeyed, the commission then may seek a court junction to force compliance.

Three companies are involved in .......

Wright was authorized to cite the Pocahontas Fuel Co. mine at McComas, Mercer County, for pollution if it appears after an on-the-spot inspection that a citation is necessary.  Wright dispatched an inspector to the mine Thursday afternoon.