Articles pulled from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph Archives
concerning the McComas Area

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bullet June 19, 1897 - XPenditures for the Board of Education -

 W.J. Walker for surveying lot on Crane Creek and making deed for lot in sub div No 13    $5.50
W. Bailey, for re-surveying and preparing bond for removal of Pleasant Hill school house to Crane Creek   $3.00
Kinzer for moving Pleasant Hill house to Crane Creek  $83.40
 Zel Belcher. for fire; at Crane Creek.        $9.50
Jerry Harmon for making fires and sweeping house at Crane Creek      $6.00
A. J. Harman for lumber for coal house at Crane Creek  $10.00

bullet February 16, 1901 Personals & Briefs - The contract for the Crane Creek extension of the Norfolk and Western in this county was, we learn, let yesterday and work will begin soon.
bullet March 6, 1901 - Many Vast Undertakings - Walton,Witten & Graham have been awarded four and on-half miles of the Crane Creek road in the county, and begin work on it this week.  This line is to be seven miles in length and is to be finished in four months.
bullet March 6, 1901 CRANE CREEK BRANCH -- Construction Already Begun on the NW. Railroad -- No event for a long time has been of greater local interest than the building of the Crane Creek branch of railroad in this county.  The line will be between seven and eight miles in length and the contractors are on the ground ready to begin work.  This will open up a section of the county very rich in coal and timber and great development will immediately follow the completion of the road.  A number of coal leases have already been made some of them to men for a long time engaged in the business in this field.  There are some new men who have secured leases and will develop them at once.  There will be at least six operations along this new line and the coal business of the county will be greatly increased as well as the population.
bullet April 25, 1901 - Personals & Briefs.  A. W. Lucado of Crane Creek was a visitor to Bluefield yesterday.
bullet May 8, 1901 - Personals & Briefs -- The residence of William Minor at Riverside on Crane Creek was burned on Saturday last.  It was ignited by forest fires.
bullet May 8, 1901 - Shooting Affray.  A shooting occurred on Crane Creek Saturday night.  The man behind the gun was a colored woman and she aimed at her husband, who as a result is somewhat heavier than he was, owing to the lead in his make-up.
bullet September 28, 1901 Hardee Day fatally shot by Eugene Lockheart.  Hardee Day was fatally shot at Godfrey in the Crane Creek neighborhood.  Both had been going through the bayonet exercise, with empty guns and after the exercises laid their guns down on a bed, and turned their attention to something else.  Someone in the meantime put a cartridge in one of the guns when it was picked up by Lockhart and accidentally discharged the contents striking Day, wounding him fatally.  Our informant says Day cannot possibly live.
bullet December 4, 1901 Personals & Briefs -- Dr. J. H. Hare, president of the board of health, visited the smallpox camp on Crane Creek yesterday.  He found that a strick quarantine was being maintained and that there was no danger of a spread of the disease.
bullet January 7, 1902 Personals & Briefs.  The West Virginia  Plumbing and Heaating Company is completing a contract for sanitary plumbing and putting in a hot water heater apparatus at the residence of F. P. Hartman, president of the Pinnacle Coal Company on Crane Creek.
bullet January 11, 1902 Personals & Briefs -- Preston Cox, the man who was killed on Crane Creek whil thawing frozen dynamite was buried yesterday in the cemetery near Cross Roads. 
bullet March 11, 1902 Personals & Briefs -- F. P. Harman of Crane Creek was in the city yesterday on his return trip home from Salem, VA.
bullet May 25, 1902 Republican County Executive Committee.  .... A voting precinct was established on Crane Creek.....
bullet June 12, 1902 Majority of Collieries Loaded Coal Yesterday - More Men went to work than on any day since the strike was inaugerated........The Pocahontas Collieries Company had a larger force at work yesterday than the day previous.  The Browning mines were idle.  On Crane Creek there was nothing doing, and a like situation obtained at Goodwill and Louisville.
bullet June 13, 1902 Many Strikers are Leaving the Union - Large Numbers of the Flat-Top Miners returned to work yesterday.... At Simmons Creek the miners were at work, and also on Crane Creek.  The Thomas Company had more than half of their usual force at work.
bullet June 15, 1902 Strike Conditions Continue to Improve Increased Force at Work at Every Mine on the Mine Line Yesterday - Believed that the Struggle is Practically at an End........Several Collaries on North Fork--the Arlington, McDowell, Greenbrier, and Ashland--while not loading coal, had men at work getting the mines in shape for a big run on Monday.  At Goodwill and several of the operations on Crane Creek a like condition existed.  So far nothing but the best of order has prevailed and so far the strike leaders are managing it very well.  Of course, there are a large number of deputies and guards scattered throughout the field, but outside of chasing an agitator off of a lease now and then they have had an easy time.......Notices to vacate are being served and other steps taken to get possession of houses occupied by the strikers.  
bullet June 19, 1902 - Stirke continuting
bullet June 21, 1902 Increase of Thirty Cars.  Loading Throughout the Field Continues to Improve.  The importation of agitators failed to effect the loading throughout the field yesterday, and the increase in the number of cars shipped was thirty against an increase of eith the previous day.  Crystal loaded 2 cars, Crane Creen loaded 3 cars, Sagamore loaded 3 cars and Thomas loaded 3 cars.  
bullet June 22, 1902  The Half Holiday Affects Field's Output - Saturday and Pay-day Coming Together, Many Miners Cease Work at Noon.  Loading at Various Colleries Gartifying Considering Circumstances.  Considering the fact that Saturday is alwyas observed as a half holiday by many of the miners, the most of them quitting work at noon, and the further fact that yesterday was payday throughout the field, the loading was exceptionally heavy for strike times.  Crystal loaded 2 cars, Crane Creek 3 cars, Sagamore, 2 cars, Thomas loaded 3 cars.
bullet June 25, 1902 Strike is Breaking in Flat-Top Field Strikers discouraged by Men returning to work and heavy loading in other fields.  Women Marchers Add Novelty to the Situation...... At During the marching miners returning from the Crane Creek collieries held a meeting yesterday.  They were addressed by Agitators Davis, Bransfield and a colored preacher.  A brass band which had accompanied them on their Crane Creek march made music for the occasion.  The march up Crane Creek was not prolific of results, as none of the working miners quit to join the strikers.  Crystal loaded 3 cars on this day, Crane Creek loaded 2, Sagamore loaded 1 and Thomas loaded 4. Of the cars loaded yesterday 164 were Jumbos (50 tons capacity.)  It was learned yesterday that owing to the steadily increasing output of the field several train crews have been put back to work.
bullet June 27, 1902 Striking Miners are Less Aggressive - Injunction the Principal Topic of Discussion -- No Marching on Yesterday   Believed that Restraining Orders is the Knock-out Blow....Crystal loaded 3 cars, Crane Creek loaded 3 cars, Pinnacle loaded 2 cars, Sagamore loaded 2 cars, and Thomas loaded 4 cars of coal. 
bullet July 27, 1902 Thought It wasn't Loaded.  Friday afternoon at Mora, on Crane Creek, two negro girls were playing with a pistol that they thought was not loaded.  It went off and Ellen Harris was shot through the head and instantly killed.  She was taken to Tazewell for burial yesterday.  The woman who shot her claims it was purely accidental.
bullet August 9, 1902 Personals & Briefs - G. L. Ferrell, of Crane Creek was the guest of his brother, W. G. Ferrell, yesterday, and left in the afternoon for a visit to his former home at Churchwood.
bullet August 23, 1902 Strikers Disposed to Make Trouble -- At one of the Crane Creek mines on Tuesday, strikers fired point blank at the men engaged at work around the tipple but fortunately no one was hurt.
bullet August 29, 1902 FATAL SHHOTING AFFRAY ON CRANE CREEK-- Mob Attacks Guards and John Ruble is Killed--Excitement is Great--W.H. McQuall Fired on Through a Window, But is Unhurt.   There is considerable excitement on Crane Creek and on Simmons Creek over the recent shootings there.  Yesterday morning John Ruble blacksmith at Sagamore Coal and Coke Company was shot by a mob of striking miners and killed.  Reports were current during the day that a number of guards had been killed and woulded by the strikers, but investigation proved that Ruble was the only man killed.  Ruble, in company with Barney Shumate, of this city, who had been employed as a guard, left the company store to go to a point on the works to stand guard, as the company had expected to be visited by a mob.  En route they were fired on and Ruble fell.  Shumate was armed with a Winchester, and opened fire on the mob, who, after their first volley, ran.  None of them have been arrested.  The non-union men who took the strikers places are terrorized, and a good many of them are leaving.  The shooting affrays are doing more damage than the strike order.

 W. H. McQuail was fired at through a window yesterday morning at Crane creek.  He was uninjured.  All was reported quiet on Simmons yesterday.  A number of guards have been engaged and are being rushed into the field to give protection to the men who want to work.

bullet August 30, 1902  THE SAME MOB THAT KILLED FANNING - Who Shot John Ruble on Crane Creek Believed to be Policeman's Slayers.  Victim Robbed of Gold Watch and His Winchester.  Additional details of the killing of John Ruble are that he and Barney Shumate were passing through a area of woods and came upon six or eight negros who were armed and began shooting.  Shumate after returning the fire went to the tipple and returned with help.  It was learned that Ruble had been robbed of a gold watch and his gun.  The mob are thought to have been the same that killed Policeman Fanning and thought that Ruble and Shumate were officers coming to arrest them.  Ruble formerly worked here.
bullet August 31, 1902 GOVERNOR CALLED ON FOR TROOPS -  Adjutant General of the State Visits the Field to Look Over the Situation.  All Quiet Along Simmons and Crane Creek and in New River Field
bullet September 2, 1902 Adjutant General Looking Over Field - Warns Strike Leaders that Troops will be Sent if Sheriff Cannot Cope With the Situation.  No Trouble on Crane Creek Yesterday but Operations were idle.
bullet September 5, 1902 SPECIAL TERM OF COURT Judge Sanders will Swear in Deputy Sheriffs Today.  All was quite in the coal field yesterday and all the operations were at work except the mines along Crane Creek.  A few ment went to work at Coaldale and were not molested.  Judge Sanders will hold a special term of the circuit court at Princeton today for the purpose of swearing in deputy sheriffs.
bullet September 18, 1902 PRISONERS FORCIBLE TAKEN FROM SHERIFF Eight Men Arrested for Shooting on Crane Creek Rescued by Sympathizing Friends.  Troops Being Withdrawn from C & O Field -- Miners Leaving Conditions are rapidly becoming normal in the coal field.  The strikers who were a little disappointed at the action taken by their representatives at the Keystone meeting are becoming reconciled to the situation.  A good many have left the camps and secured work.  It is the policy of most of the operators to take them back without requiring pledges or interfering with their adherence to the union.  On Crane Creek eight men charged with shooting at men working on the tipples were arrested by Deputy Sheriff Thorn.  Sympathizers armed with Winchesters made the deputy give them up.  A large posse was organized and went last night to arrest them. The officers were determined to get the accused and went heavily armed.
bullet September 12, 1902 Accussed of Shooting a Man.  A young colored man, named Hairston, was brought to Bluefield yesterday and put in jail.  He is charged with shooting Charles Johnston, another negro, on Crane Creek.  Hairston is the man who was taken from Deputy Sheriff Thorn by the mob of sympathizers whose arrest was noted in yesterday's Telegraph.  Hairston denies that he shot Jonhston and his trial has been set for Monday next.  The delay is due to the absence of material witnesses.
bullet September 18, 1902 Jack Fagg, the Crane Creek humorist was in Bluefield yesterday and called on the Daily Telegraph.  He purchased a high blue collar from Hugh Jordan's haberdashery, and secured a pair of scissors with which to shear his hogs.  He is coming back next Christmas to deliver a temperance lecture.
bullet October 25, 1902 MURDER IN FIRST DEGREE Jury recommends that Stone be sent to Penitentiary for Life-- In the criminal court yesterday Henry Stone accused of the murder of Wm. Ruble, was found guilty of murder in the first degree.  The jury recommended that the sentence of life imprisonment.   The case of Sam Hodge was begun and all the state's witnesses were heard.  There are four more to be tried on the same charge.  It is expected that the other four cases will be continued until next term.  These men are charged with killing Wm. Ruble, who was acting as guard on Crane Creek during the strike.
bullet October 28, 1902 Personals & Briefs H.J. Hamlet, Crane Creek was a visitor in Bluefield yesterday.
bullet November 6, 1902  MERCER COUNTY RETURNS ALMOST COMPLETE Only One Precinct Not Received.  It will Increase Republican Vote..... The missing precient is Giatto, on Lower Rock, and is the voting place of several of the new mining operations on Crane Creek.
bullet November 23, 1902 CRANE CREEK LOCALS Many Improvements Under Way at Pinnacle Works.  The Deep Water and Wabash Railway Company moved their camps and 46 men from McComas to Giatto Friday night and are getting ready for business.

            Several leases will be opened at once on Wide Mouth Creek, it is said.

            President Walbridge, of the American Coal Co, of No. 1 Broadway, New York has been in the field several days this week loloking over his purchases.  General Manager John H. Parrott of Lonaconing, MD, accompanied him.  They are building new offices, a hotel and some splendid residences at their Pinnacle works at McComas.  They building are equipped with all modern improvements and will be quite an improvement on Crane Creek.  The Pinnacle Company have fifty ovens in operation and are shipping coke every day.  The Sagamore Company are also shipping coke.

MURDER ON CRANE CREEK - Cora Woods Shot and Killed by Henry Martin. On Hell's Hill at Mora late Friday evening Henry Martin, shot and killed Cora Woods, both colored.  The woman has been living with Martin and they quarrelled over getting supper, she stepped out at the door for some wood, and he shot her in the back, killing her almost instantly.  Martin made his escape going in the direction of Burke's Garden, and it is said that no attempt was made to capture him.  This makes two negro women who have been murdered in this same house in the last month.


bullet December 14, 1902 Personal & Briefs -- The remains of Hampton Bowman who was killed by an explosion of powder at one of the Crane Creek mines, on Friday passed through the city on No. 4 yesterday, en route to Bateman, Patrick County, VA where the interment will be made.  The dead man was aged 24 years and unmarried.
bullet January 10, 1903 Personals & Briefs The case of Zan Holland and others, charged with the murder of John Ruble on Crane Creek last summer has been continued until the April term of the criminal court.  The trial is set for April 10.  It is the general opinion that the Dodd case, too, will be continued until the April term.


bullet February 7, 1903 News, Notes from the Coalfields - Crane Creek Notes The handsome new passenger freight depot at Mora was opened for business this week.  Boxley & Gibson, contractors for a part of the Widemouth extension, have their commissary up and are working right along on their four mile contract.  Messrs, Biggs & Hagar will commence on ther work Monday next.  Mayor Eli McComas, of Giatto will soon have his large hotel completed.  A NOTE OF THANKS Mrs. J. J. Fagg wishes to return thanks to the Commercial Traveler's Railroad Contractors, and all other friends that contributed so generously toward purchasing an organ for the Thomas Chapel at Mora, W. Va.
bullet February 13, 1903 Personals & Briefs Wm. Crump the popular buyer of the Sagamore Coal & Coke Co, has resigned to go into business in Bluefield.  Mr. Chas, E. Bryant buyer and cashier for Pinnacle Coal & Coke Co., has resigned to go into business for himself.  Mr. J. Tracy Walker of the Crane Creek Coal & Coke Co, suceeds him and will do the buying and book-keeping for both companies.
  March 20, 1903  Personals & Briefs: The old depot at Bramwell will be torn down and moved to Crane Creek.

The town of Bramwell is very much improved by the new depot just erected at that place by the N.& W. It is located at the end of the principle street and if the enterprising people of that town would pave their main street it would be one of the prettiest towns to be found anywhere.

  April 21, 1903 CRIMINAL COURT -- The trial of John Hancock for maiming Oly Cook on Crane Creek is now in progress.  Hancock bested Cook over the head with a pistol.

Aprill 22, 1903 CRIMINAL COURT -- There was little doing in the criminal court at Princeton yesterday -- in fact, very few more cases of importance are docketed for this term.  The last of the felony cases, that of John Hancock, who is charged with maiming Oly Cook on Crane Creek was given to the jury at 11 a.m. but no verdict has been reached at the time of adjournment last night.  The misdemeanor docket has been entered upong the Norfolk & Western railway company is now being tried on the charge of obstructing the county road on Crane Creek.

  April 28, 1903 NOTES OF COAL DEVELOPMENT ON CRANE AND WIDEMOUTH General Superintendent Jno H. Parrott of the American Coal Company of New York, will remove his family from Lanacoming, MD to Salem, VA where he has purchased an elegant home.  This change will throw him nearer the geographical centre of the company's many mines and coke ovens.

The Wenonh coal and coke company Capt D.H. Barger, president are at work on Wide Mouth opening up their lease.

The Piedmont Company owned by Collins Bros. is being opened up by Supt Berkley.

The American Coal company have men at work on their leases on Widemouth.

The Pinnacle coal and coke company shipped 23 cars of coke one day last week.

Mr. Frank L. Winchester, of the wholesale lumber firm of Hinrod & Winchester, of Philadelphia, has been on Crane Creek several days buying up lumber for export.

The Sagamore coal and coke company have their new electric plant in operation and are hauling their coal by electricity now.

The Odd Fellows lodge on Crane Creek had a big turn out Sunday in uniform and marched to Pinnacle church to hear a sermon by Rev J.E. Wolfe

Contractor Ned Biggs put off a blast a few days ago which threw part of a stump 400 feet.  It went through the end of the church and back to the pulpit and tore the new organ into kindling wood.

  July 9, 1903   WERE MURDERED BY INMATES IN THE HOUSE Neighbors Heard Four Shots Fired -- House Broke Out in Flame --- Charred Bodies of Fowlere Reed and Wife Found in Smouldering Ashes of Their Home.... News has reached this city of a frightful crime which was committed in this county, on the lease of the Crane Creek Coal and Coke Company on Crane Creek, in which a man and his wife were murdered and their home burned to hide the crime.

The facts as far as could be learned appear to be as follows:  Two colored familites, living in the same house, had a falling out about some trivial matter, and were known to be at dagger points.  Near the middle of the night of the tragedy the miners living in houses nearby heard four shorts fired.  In possibly fifteen minutes the house in which the shooting occurred was seen to be on fire.  All efforts to save the building were in vain and in a short time it was entirely destroyed.  When the heat allowed, an investigation was  made and the charred bodies of Fowler Reed and his wife were discovered in the smouldering ashes.  The other family had disappeared and there is no trace of them.  It is believed that they planned and carried out the murder, and after setting fire to the house took to the mountains.

  August 26, 1903  GUNS FIND VICTIMS on Banks of the PLACID CRANE CREEK  In a shooting affray in an alleged gambling room at Crane Creek, W.Va., at an early hour Monday, William Hughes was shot through the body and so badly wounded that he may die.  Ellis Hughes was shot through the shoulder and seriously wounded.  The two men were engaged in a game of cards with Adolphus Johnson and Frank Gasel, when a dispute arose and guns were brought into play.  A ball from Johnson's  pistol took effect in William Hughes breast and ploughed its way through his body, coming out at the back.  One of the bullets from Gasel's revolver passed through Ellis Hughes shoulder making an ugly wound.  The wounded men were taken to Welch and placed in the Miners Hospital.  When the party left Crane Creek there had been no arrests made and it is not known whether Johnson and Basel have been captured.  All the parties are colored.
  September 12, 2003  NEWS NOTES OF CRANE CREEK COUNTRY  Personal and Industrial Items From Rapidly Developing Section

The Pinnacle Coal and Coke Company will soon have their second block of one hundred ovens completed.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Walker of the American Coal Co., are spending their vacation at Eggleston Springs.

General Manager John H. Parrott of the American Coal Company spent Tuesday and Wednesday at their mines here.

The Sagamore Coal and Coke Company had their fine hew tipple almost ready for use.

W.H. Thomas, president and general manager of Thomas Coal Company, is back home after spending his vacation among the Thousand Islands, Quebec and Montreal.

Mr. Bailey, buyer for the Sagamore Coal and Coke Company, has returned from a two weeks visit to Atlantic City.

Mrs. W. J. Pritchard and children returned to Wilkesbarre, Pa, after spending two months visiting Mr. Pritchard of the Thomas Coal Company.

The Crane Creek Coal and Coke Company have completed their new $40,000 tipple and are prepared to ship all grades of coal made in this field.

C.R. Williams, chief engineer for the American Coal Company is spending his vacation at Mountain Lake.

  September 19, 1903  LOTS OF SHOOTING ON CRANE CREEK One Man Killed and Another Badly Wounded Murdered Makes his Escape

McComas Sept. 18 -- (Special) -- There was quite a lot of shooting on Crane Creek last night.  Mitchell Dosla was killed and John E. Pettus badly wounded by Vincent Dorsey.  All of the parties were colored and worked for Contractor J.E. Biggs.  Dorsey took to the woods after the shooting, but he will no doubt be caught as several men are after him

Capt William Ingles, president of the Bank of Radford was in McComas  yesterday on his way home from his railroad camps on Widemouth.  He has the contract for the large tunnel on the new Widemouth branck of the Norfolk and Western.

The tail end of the Dakota blizzard struck Crane Creek last night and overcoats were quite comfortable today.

Dr. H. R. Fairfax is visiting in Roanoke this week.

  October 11, 1903  FIVE MURDERS Confess to the Killing of Walter Ruble on Crane Creek during strike of 1902 and are being SENT TO THE PEN

In the criminal court at Princeton yesterday, Ed Harris, William McFadden and Jim Hosten, charged with the killing of Walter Ruble a guard on duty at one of the Crane Creek mines, during the strike of 1902 confessed to second degree murder.  Harris was sentenced to fifteen years in the penitentiary; McFadden was given a twelve year sentence, and Hosten got off with a five year term. 

On Friday Sam Valentine and Jim Price, charged with the same crime, entered a plea of guilty, and each was given a twelve year sentence.  All of the convicted men are colored.

  October 21, 1903  WANTED 20 carpenters at Belchers Branch, Tug River, and Crane Creek.  Will pay $2.50 to $2.75 per day for good men.  Apply to W. A. REEDY Contractor

SHOOTING for SUNDAY DIVERSION ON CRANE  Sunday afternoon about 6 o'clock there was a pitched battle on Crane Creek between the colored people.  Casualties:  Bertha Hairston, shot thorugh the hip by Alex Hughes, and Alex Hughes shot thorugh the hip and elbox by Wm. Hariston.

The Crystal Coal and Coke Co, will have their fine new stone power house completed in a few days.

The Pinnacle Co., is working on their new stone and steel powder house 60x100 feet which will be one of the finest in the field when completed.

The Crane Creek Co, have their new picking table installed and they say it's a great success.  They are handling their coal now on their new trolley line from the mines.

Capt. Wm. Ingles of Radford was in town last night.

C.E. Keene, of New York, has accepted a position with the engineering department of the Norfolk and Western at McComas.  Mr. Keene formerly had charge of a corps on the Widemouth extension.

  December 2, 1903  MERCER HAS ANOTHER TRIBE OF RED MEN  There are Many Indians in the Crane Creek Country Now.  As noted previously in the Daily Telephaph there was something doing on Crane Creek Saturday night.

Quindaro Tribe No 76, I.O.R.M. with thirty nine charter members, was initiated at Godfrey by T.C. Tanner, C. Of R. of Bluefield, assisted by W.J. Stone, Great Sannap of Bramwell.  A large number of Red Men from neighborning Tribes were present and assisted in teaching the newly adopted palefaces the mysteries of the order.

This popular order is rapidly gaining in membership in this state and in Mercer county; this being the second Tribe institated in the county with the past two months and the fourteenth in the State within the past six months; making a total gain in membership of about 1,400 for the state.

The following are the officers of Quindaro Tribe No 76 elected at the time of institution to serve until 30th day of June 1904:

O.W. McAllister, Prophet, W. B. McAllister, Sachem, P.E. Scott, Sr. Sagamore, Wm Barger Jr. Sagamore, Stewart G. White C. of R., John H. Helton, K. of W. J.F. Leech, C. of W.

The newly instituted Tribe will kindle its council fires every Thursday sleep, and they cordially invite visiting Red Men to meeet with them.

  December 20, 1903  FIVE HOUSES DESTROYED BY FIRE -- There was a disastrous fire at Godrey on Crane Creek Thursday Night.  Five houses, a large part of the town were destroyed.  The saloon belonging to L.M. Carter, the homes of a Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hyston, and two other homes were burned.  Carter had $1500 insurance.


  January 16, 1904  GUS GODFREY SHOT BY BOB CALFEE ON CRANE CREEK News reached the city yesterday that a fatal fight occurred at a barroom at Giatto on Thursday afternoon.  "Little GUs" Godfrey spent the afternoon in the saloon and began wresting.  This led to a misunderstanding and finally a row.  Calfee threatened to shoot Godfrey, and made good his threat, firing from the outside of the building at Godfrey, who was inside killing him instantly.  The ball passed through Godfrey's heart.


Personal Items from Mercer County's New Coal Field  Rev. Stump of Parkersburg, is conducting a meeting at Pinnacle Church He is a fine preacher.

W. Del Walbridge of New York, president and John H. Parrott, of Salem, general superintendent of the American Coal Company are expected here this week.

Mr. Surface, father of Jas. I. Surface of this place, died this morning.

Capt. D. H. Barger, who has three leases on Widemouth was in our town Saturday on his way to his home at Shawsville.

  February 24, 1904 NEWS OF COLORED CITIZENS....

Rev M.M. Wells, of Crane Creek returned yesterday and reports favorably of his work there.

  March 11, 1904   COUNTY COURT GRANTS SALOON LICENSES  In the couonty court at Princeton yesterday the matter of granting saloon licenses was considered and of the many applications presented only one was turned down.  IT was for license to conduct a saloon on Crane Creek.  However one license was granted on Crane Creek to M.L. Carter and M. Stinson was granted a license to conduct a saloon at Giatto.  Every one of the Bluefield saloonists were granted license for another year.
  March 17, 1904  CRANE CREEK CRINKLES FROM FLUENT FAGG  Industrial and Personal Notes of Crane Creek and Wide Mouth Territory

W.H. Thomas, president of the Flat Top Fuel Company and general manager of the Thomas Coal Company, returned from Florida last week with his family, and spent several days at his operation here.

General Superintendent John H. Parrott of the American Coal Company is on Crane Creek looking after the four operations the company owns here.

M.H. Bradford who owns the Spring Coal and Coke Company on Widemouth was in Mora this week on his way to his mines.

Capt. Wm Ingles who is contractor for the Norfolk and Western's big tunnel on Widemouth was here Monday and says the tunnel is nearly completed.

]J. T. Walker buyer for the American Coal Company's store, will start to Richmond Thursday to have an operation performed for appendicitis.  Mrs. Walker and Dr. H.R. Fairfax will accompany him.

J. E. Biggs, the coke oven contractor of Mora has a contract for ten miles of railroad grading in North Carolina for the Norfolk and Southern.  He also has a large contract for ovens on Widemouth Creek.

Griffith & Davis expect to commence work on their Widemouth contract April the 1st.

bullet April 6,  1904 UNKNOWN NEGRO FOULLY MURDERED  Crane Creek Corrspondent Sends News of Tragedies   Godfrey, W.Va April 5 (Special) A foul murder was committed Sunday night near the Crane Creek Coal and Coke Company's tipple at Mora, when a colored man whose name could not be learned was killed.

The man had only been in the community a few days and is said to have had some money on his person.

The last seen of him alive was late Sunday evening, in company with a negro named Fred Jones who worked with one of the contracting companies.  The next morning his dead body was found on the mountain side, covered up with limbs and leaves with a bullet hole through his skull.  Investigation showed that he had been murdered in Jones shanty and his body carried to the mountain and hid.

His clothes had been rifled.  Fred Jones, the supposed murdered has not been seen since the night of the tragedy.

A purse was made up among the colored people and the dead man was decently interred in the colored cemetery near Mora


Emma Bailey and Mamie Hodges engaged in a desparate fight at the home of the Bailey girl near Giatto Sunday morning.  The weapon used was an old razor which belonged to the Bailey girl's father and as a result of the mad wielding of the weapon the Hodges girl lies in a dying state with her face and breast slashed almost into a conglomerated mass of flesh.  The Hodges girl made her home with the Baileys and the blood fight was the result of rivalry for the affections of a young man who made frequent calls at the Bailey residence.

On Sunday morning the girls began a spirited dispute about the man which resulted as stated above.  The Hodges girl was the first to secure the deadly cutlery and use it with telling effect on her rival, but the Bailey girl being the strongest of the two wrenched the razor from her assailant hand and returned the flows with interst.  Both are in a critical condition and the Hodges girl cannot recover, if, indeed, she is not already dead.

bullet April 12, 1904 -  Personals and Briefs - Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Harris of Mannering were in the city yesterday.
  May 29, 1904   WELL KNOWN COLORED MAN KILLED IN MINES   Crockett Brown, a well known Bluefield colored man, was killed in the mines of the Thomas Coal and Coke Company on Crane Creek on Tuesday by a fall of slate.  He was buried at Graham yesterday He leaves a family.
  June 17, 1904 Personals & Briefs  Jack Fagg has been appointed postmaster at McComas on Crane Creek to suceed W.H. Thomas, resigned
  August 21, 1904 - Judge and Mrs. Keller entertain at Bramwell.  Enjoyable German in honor of visitors to Bluefield.......Messer W.L. Hammering of Mannering attended.
bullet September 22, 1904 Fresh News from nearby towns - Keystone - James Bailey of Mannering was here this week having some dental work done.
bullet February 19, 1905 German of the Glover Club - Chaparoned by Mr. and Mrs Monahan of Nemours, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Booker, and Mrs. R. C. Turner, the Clover Club gave the last of their pre-Lenten Germans at the Bluefield Inn Friday night.  It was one of the most brilliant and enjoyable affairs of this notable season the music furnished by the string band of Charleston, S.C. being unusually fine.  In attendance was Miss Williams, of Mannering.....
bullet March 11, 1905 J. E. Beggs of McComas was here yesterday looking after business matters.
bullet March 22, 1905 -News of Miners Hospital in Welch  Harry Hall of Mannering was admitted March 18, suffering of tubercular disease of the hip joint.  He will be operated upon.
bullet May 25, 1905  Crane Creek News

Dr. Epling has opened an office at McComas for the practice of dentistry.

W.H. Thomas President of Flat Top Fuel Company and general manager of the The Thomas Coal Company, is her from Columbus this week.

The railway mail service has put on a car and a railway postal clerk on Crane Creek and Widemouth.  The route will be known as the Pocahontas and Dott R P O Service commences today, the 24th inst

A. A. Adams, civil engineer for the Pinnacle and Crane Creek Companies has resigned his position and gone to Mexico to marry and locate there.



stay tuned for much more to come for the years 1904 and 1905  --  I hope you enjoy reading these -  you can see how the area began to grow as you continue to read the articles.  But the harsh reality of the times and living conditions also prevail....   I think we all forget to easily what our ancestor's endured and lived through to give us the lives we have today. 

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