On Saturday May 3rd 2008 11 intrepid refugees returned home to their homes in McComas.

Saturday was an overcast day with occasional sprinkles of rain when McComas was home once again.  The two Cole sisters Susie and Judy (Jukie), Bob Sutherland , Timmy Wellman, Jenny Gay Ray, George Ray and daughter Courtney, Keith and Pedro Spencer all from the Crane Creek side were joined by Rita and Kay Slyvester all joined together for a walk down memory lane.(Rita and Kay are from the Pinnacle side)

All met at the location of the former McComas Community Building at high noon, and were allowed to tour the Catholic Church and walked up Pinnacle to remember wher family and friends once lived.  Afterwards we gathered at the mouth or Red Holler just across from the Company Store and remembered family and friends no longer with us and dicussed the feelings of community that still run through our memories.

With hugs and hand shakes we all agreed to do this again in 2009.  The scheduled date will be the last Saturday in April.  We are to bring a food dish and Tailgate just as at a football game.  Then those that wish to and can will walk up Red Holler, Pinnacle, Crystal, Sagamore, and Wind Mill Gap.

All are invited. Feel free to contact me for further plans.  

James (pedro) Spencer

** if you have them bring pictures and memories**