June Eanes Martin her family tree along with her memories of McComas
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                                                                        November 10, 2007

Dear Patty:

            June Eanes click to enlarge...I hope you find this information useful and someone out there is looking for some of the information contained in this letter. 

I’m Norma June Eanes-Martin born in McComas (Thomas), West Virginia on January 13, 1939 to William Morris Lucille & Morris on their wedding day click to enlarge...Eanes and Lucille Lee Thompson-Eanes.  I was the second child, the first being Jimmie Frazier Eanes, born October 11, 1936 and the third child being Sonny Wayne Eanes, born October 3, 1943.

All of us kids were born at Thomas.  However, we did move for a very short time.  Dad was a coal miner and he changed jobs to go to a new coal mine in Wyoming County, Morris with children June & Frazier click to enlarge... Deerfield Mine and we moved to Covel.  Living there for a short time, I’m not really sure how many months; I was in the second grade.  He was killed in the mines in Tralee on January 22, 1946.  We moved back to Thomas and I lived there until I graduated from McComas High School in 1956.

             Mom was born in Pinnacle on March 29, 1918 to Tom & Lydia Thompson click to enlarge...Thomas Isaac Thompson and Lydia Mae Spicer-Thompson.  She was the second oldest of thirteen.  Lydia’s mother was a Harmon and the Spicer and Harmon lines fall right along with Patty’s family.  children of Ura & Nannie Harmon SpicerPatty’s Dad and Mom was first cousin.  The Thompson’s has a Bailey connection that follows along with Patty’s grandmother Huffman’s line.  Grandpa Thompson was a first cousin to Cora Mae Stevens-Huffman.  Their mothers were sisters, Grandpa’s mother was Sarah Louise Crawford, her mother was Chloe Bailey, Chloe was the daughter of Reuben Bailey, granddaughter of Richard Payton Bailey.  Sarah’s sister, Virginia married a Stevens and Cora Mae was one of their children and she married Rob Huffman, Patty’s grandparents.  You guys reading this will recall the Stevens and Harless families living in Pinnacle Hollow, they all relate back to this same line.

The children from Thomas (Tom) and Lydia Thompson were:  James & Hazel Thompson Tooley click to enlarge...                                                

            Hazel Thompson            Born – 12/29/1915 Died – 9/24/1964

                        Married:           James Tooley

            Lucille Thompson Eanes click to enlarge...Lucille Lee Thompson Born – 03/29/1918 Died – 12/09/2000

                        Married:           William Morris Eanes

            Claude Thompson        Born – May 1920 Died – 1921

            Alma Mae Thompson   Born – 06/12/1921 Died – 06/14/2005

                        Married:           William Staples (Staples were from Virginia)                            

           Joseph (JD) Mearon Thompson Born – 11/28/1914

Married:          Macie White  (sister to Zola White – wife of Luther White that lived in Pinnacle Hollow)

            Nannie Louise Thompson Born – 04/1926 Died – July 26, 2004

                        Married:           Edgar Carr (son of Walter and Lakie Carr)

            Thomas Isaac Thompson, Jr. Born – 04/1928 Died – 07/28/1970

                        Married:           Edith Pennington (Pennington’s lived in McComas)

            Bessie Mae Thompson  Born – 09/07/1930   Living

                        Married:           Blair Davis

            Bobby Joe Thompson      Born – 08/11/1932  Died – 11/11/2003

                         Married:          Hazel Lorraine Taylor (Taylor’s lived in Pinnacle Hollow)

            Mary Imajean Thompson Born- 12/06/1933  Living

                        Married:           Howard Harvey (Lived in Thomas)

            Buddy Clarence Thompson Born – 09/09/1936 Died – 09/20/1999

                        Married:           Lillian (I do not have her maiden name)

            Esther Magdalene Thompson Born 12/27/1938  Living

                        Married:           G. T. Walker – then John Hammett

            Betty Youvone Thompson  Born 12/28/1941

                        Married:  Bob Collins –deceased.  She then married Ronnie Barr

            Grandpa Thompson worked at the laboratory at Pinnacle grinding coal samples and my Grandma Thompson was a homemaker and always had a garden.  I remember some wonderful times in that home.  I’d spend the night and sometimes some of the other grandchildren would be there as well and not to mention she had children my age, Esther and I were only a few days difference in age and were in school from the 1st grade.  Grandma would make fudge, pop popcorn and tell ghost stories.  We’d have a great time and she always let us get into a little more than Mom would allow.  I do remember great times and we’d swing in that ole swing on the porch and sing to the top of our lungs.

            Grandma Thompson’s family, Spicer’s and Harmon’s as I stated fall right in line with Patty’s family tree but one of the things I’d like to point out are the kinships within that group.  Grandma’s mother – Nancy Jane Harmon - had a sister Dicey Harmon, she married Charlie Thompson, he was the uncle of Grandpa Thompson (he also had a brother Charlie) and there is another kinship.  However, Aunt Dicey had a daughter Dolly Thompson that married Frank Moses, parents of eight children including Bobby, Kent, and Janet.  Aunt Dicey also had a daughter Amanda “Mandy” that married a Church and a son Henry Thompson that married Ethel Jones.  Their children were Mildred, Fredia, Phil and Connie.   I grew up there not knowing how many people were related to our family.  Aunt Dicey’s sister Dolly Harmon married a Belcher and one of their children was Leonard Belcher, father of Jimmie, Eugene, Wayne and Janice Belcher among others.  Once again I knew I was related to them but never really stopped to think about it.  Out of the family Aunt Dicey and Great-Grandma Harmon – Spicer were born into comes the Belcher’s and Lusk’s families.  Nora married a Lusk, Melvin Harmon had a daughter, Eula Mae that married a King.  Out of the Harmon males, same family, Lee Harmon had several children, his daughter Garie Lee married a Willie Graham, Ethel Mae married Albert Huffman, Cora Lucille married Brammer Jones and James married Josephine Odle.  Most of you know the families I’m talking about, hopefully this is not too boring to the one’s that didn’t grew up the same years I did in the Thomas and Pinnacle area.

            Grandpa Thompson had a connection all his own including his Uncle Charley being married to his wife’s aunt, Dicey Harmon-Thompson.  His parents had twelve children.  Grandpa was a very young child when his mother died.  His dad did re-marry but I don’t have much information.  His sister Maggie Bell Thompson married a Gilmore and out of their children, their daughter Bertha married Everett Jones, their children Jackie, Sissie and Joe.  Sister Mary V. Thompson married Joseph Maron Gillenwater, sister Elizabeth “Lizzie” Thompson married Thomas White, their children consisted of Luther White that married Zola Mae White (lived in Pinnacle Hollow), Gracie White she married Shorty Cecil, Lillie White married a Repass, Elsie White married a Hicks and Hattie White married a Powers.  These are the only marriages I know of at this time.  His brother Lewis Thompson married but lived in Saltville, Virginia.  His son Freal Thompson did make his home in McComas for a number of years; married Eleanor Huffman, daughter of Troy Huffman.


            My Dad, William Morris Eanes was born February 3, 1911 in Mannering (Crane Creek), West Virginia.  He was the fourth child of Stephan Frazier Eanes, born June 19, 1879 in Floyd County, Virginia and Minnie Ann Ratliff-Eanes, born October 5, 1884 in Patrick County, Virginia.  Their children were:

            Ethel Eanes - Born unknown  Died-Unknown              

Married:           Bill Jones

                        Their children:  Freddie Jones and Frances JonesBurrell Eanes click to enlarge...

            Burrell Franklin Eanes – Born 9/13/1906 Died 2/02/1946        

Married:           Kathryn BeggsGlenn Eanes click to enlarge...

Their children:     Glenn Eanes and Lorrann Eanes (both grew up in McComas) 

Lucille Eanes click to enlarge...Lucille Eanes – Born- 5/23/1909 Died – 6/9/2004                   

Never married, she was a missionary William Morris Eanes click to enlarge...

            William Morris Eanes - Dad

                       Married Lucille Lee Thompson Born – 03/29/1918 Died – 12/09/2000

                      Their children:    Jimmie Fraizer Eanes,  Norma June Eanes and Sonny Wayne Eanes  

            Mary Alice Eanes – Born 2/15/1913Mary Alice Eanes click to enlarge...

                        Married:           Lester Harvey  

                        Their children:  Shelia and Georgia (grew up in Welch)

Morris, MaryAlice on Minnies lap, Ethel, Burrell & Lucille click to enlarge...Grandpa Eanes died in a coal mining accident November 2, 1912 in the McComas area and Grandma was Bailey Triplets as infants click to enlarge...expecting their fifth child, Mary Alice.  Grandma remarried and had a whole new family.  She married Levi Edward Bailey (Ed), he had lost his wife and had eight children and the two of them had six more.  Some of his children were older and had married before the two of them married.   Believe it or not the first children born to Grandma were triplets. They lived on a farm on Wind Mill Gap.  Their children were:

            Charles Fairfax Bailey - Born 1/11/1916 Died – 3/1989Triplets Nell, Charlie & Myrtle Bailey click to enlarge...

                        Married:           Elsie Huffman

                        Their children:               Roger Bailey and Jerry Bailey

            Myrtle Bailey – Born 1/11/1916 Died – 4/1998

                        Married:           Clinton Bailey (Brother to Bonnie Bailey – teacher)

Their children:  Larry, Warren, Edwin, Johnny, Phyllis, Morgan, Walter, and Bonnie (grew up on Wind Mill Gap)

            Neil Bailey – Born- 1/11/1916  Died – 5/1998

                        Married:           Bart O’Dell

                        Their children:               Marshall O’Dell and Patsy O’Dell (grew up on Wind Mill Gap – Bailey Farm)

            Elizabeth (Betty) Bailey – Born – 7/3/1917   Died- ?

                        Married:           Benny O’Dell

                        Their children:               Robert, Charles, Wayne, Lewis, Ronnie, Everett, Curtis, Garnett, Janett, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Garry Dean and Richard        Verlie Mabel Bailey click to enlarge...

             Verlie Mabel Bailey – Born February 8, 1919 Living

                        Married:           John Hart

                        Their children:               Johnnie, Michael, Sharon and CindyFrancis Bailey click to enlarge...

             Frances Bailey – Born September 9, 1920 Died about 1996

Never married, she was a missionary

Minnie Ann Ratliff (Junes Grandma Eanes) click to enlarge...A connection I’d like to make with Grandma Eanes-Bailey’s family is the Purdy and Spencer Families.  Grandma’s mother was Mary Jane Purdy, born in Henry County, Virginia.  Mary Jane Purdy was first married to Alexandra N. Bryant and they had seven (7) children.  They lived in Virginia.  I do know one of the children lived in Crane Creek, her name was Martha Elizabeth Bryant and she married J. Thomas Spencer.  Everyone called her Aunt Betty.  I’m sorry to say I never met Aunt Betty but my Mom said Dad was really fond of her, we just didn’t do much visiting extended family members when I was young.  Records show she died in 1948.   However, there are several connections to the McComas area through the Spencer Family.  Aunt Betty’s son James Spencer has a daughter, Betty Spencer and she married a Wellman.  They had two sons, Howard and Timothy.  Betty’s sister Annie Lynn married an Eller.  His name was Thurman R. Eller and they had, according to my records, four children.    Aunt Betty’s daughter Mary married William (Bill) Purdy and they had several children.  Patty posted an obit for Evelyn Marie Purdy-Kade on her web-site, she is the granddaughter of Aunt Betty. Also Mary Spencer married a second time and she married a Hedrick.  According to my records, Aunt Betty had six children; the two mentioned are the only families I have any information on whatsoever.  I did hear that one of Grandma Purdy had a son that  lived in Montcalm, his name was James Bryant, nickname Sam or Sap.   

                        Mary Jane Purdy married the second time to Josiah Ratliff and had two more children, one being (Grandma) Minnie Ann Ratliff and a son Frank Ratliff.  Uncle Frank lived at Rock and Great-Grandma Purdy lived with him and died while she was living there.  She never back to Virginia.  Mary Jane had a brother name William Morris Purdy and I’m assuming he is the one my William Morris Purdy, Laura Mills Purday & son James Phillip Purdy click to enlarge...Dad was named after and I received a wonderful gift through Patty’s web-site, a picture of William Morris Purdy, his wife Laura Mills Purdy and a son, James Phillip Purdy.  This was in with a letter William Morris Purdy’s grandson Thomas Purdy sent to Terry Tabor in 1996.  I can’t tell you what a joy I felt to get that picture.

                        The children of Lucille and Morris Eanes are a truly blessed family.  I married Benny Martin from Camp Creek.  We have three children, B. Morris Martin (Attorney), June and her daughter Teresa click to enlarge...Sherry J. Martin-Vaughan (Insurance) and Teresa A. Martin-Neal (Accountant).  We have seven grandchildren and so far, three great-grandchildren.  The first five grandchildren are grown and in the work force the other two can’t wait to get there.  One is completing his masters in Atlanta, his wife just finished her masters and back in the work force in Washington DC, he will join her this fall.  One is married to a youth minister in Mississippi with two children, one is a missionary as well as her husband with one child, one just finished college, started his own company while in school and getting married in December and the last adult grandchild is completing his education. I worked in the insurance industry for 40 years with the last fourteen (14) as a consultant with a Risk Management Firm.  Don’t care for retirement so I work for our son. 

                        Frazier Eanes at McComas as a child click to enlarge...My brother Jimmie Frazier Eanes (Heating & Air-Conditioning for industry, shopping malls, and medical centers), is now married to Mary Gilbert.  He hasFrazier Eanes click to enlarge... three children through a prior marriage, Gregory W. Eanes (Engineer, Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Magician and who knows what he will add next), Jimmie Frazier Eanes, Jr. ( Heating & Air-Conditioning, Musician and Songwriter), Jennifer Eanes- Wilmoth, will be going back to school soon to prepare for the medical industry  and one stepdaughter, Damita Gail Moody   Frazier has four grandchildren.  Jamie Nicole Simmons (Teacher) age 26, Brandi Denise Vanhoy (student) age 21, Virginia Elizabeth Wilmoth (student) age 21; They are the daughters of David and Jennifer Wilmoth. Two are not old enough for the work force and one that is getting close.  Brandy will be a wonderful writer one of these days and one of his granddaughters is married to a youth minister and has one child.  Then, Gregory and Melinda Eanes 'children are Olivia and Derek.

                        Sonny W. Eanes (Retired – Chrysler) married Rose-Ann Kocopy (deceased) has two wonderful children and a grandson and a step-grandson.  Adrienne Eanes-Savoy (she and husband owns family bakery in Wisconsin) and Philip Eanes (works for a company that contracts to the state department – Philip lives and works overseas, mainly in Russia, currently in Jordan). 

                        Lydia Spicer Thompson click to enlarge...I wouldn’t trade one person I knew during the time I was growing up for anything.  I believe we are put where we need to be when we come into this world to learn and I couldn’t have been put in a better place or with better people.  My Mom was the one that really made a difference in my life when I was growing up.  I know I missed a lot by my Dad’s death at such an early age, but if it had to happen my Mom was a strong person and didn’t fall apart.  Although she did say in later years, that her mother, Lydia Mae Spicer-Thompson was always there when she needed to talk so apparently grandma was even stronger.  Family is everything and that is one thing the families from West Virginia understand.

Ratliff & Eanes
standing is Eugene Ratliff (son of Frank sitting) and William Morris Eanes
sitting is Frank Ratliff brother of Minnie Ratliff Eanes Bailey