Keith Rogers photos taken in 1971 in and around McComas, WV

I remember Keith very well - what a nice surprise to get his email and the photos.  His is the best one I have collected showing the old McComas Post Office - exactly as I remember it.  How well we all remember sitting on that bridge waiting for the train to move so we could "move on up the road".  thanks Keith... Pat Smith

Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2007 6:22 PM

Hi Pat,

           My name is Keith Rogers,  I used to be good friends with your brother Mickey.  I graduated in 1967 from Bramwell High.  I now live in Vale, NC since 1985.  You probably don't remember me,  but I used to stay with MIckey sometimes at your grandparents.  I had a lot of good times with Mickey,  thumbing to Bramwell,  going to the movies.  The last time I remember seeing you was I think the summer of 1966.  You had come over to your grandparents, I think you had a brown dodge car,  and Mickey and I were splitting wood and put it under the porch.  I remember I had good times at McComas,  I remember a lot of people who lived there.  My dad and brothers still live up Pinnacle Hollow.  There are only 2 houses up there now.

         The pictures that I'm sending you were took in my dads truck coming from Crane Creek #11 mines while I was home on leave from the Air Force in the fall of 1971.  They're a little blurry,  but I thought you might like to look at them.  There are a couple pictures of the Tipple/ the post office/ #11 cutting machine/a scoop they used to haul coal with/ one picture of waiting on the train in the evening/ one of the entrance of Pinnacle Hallar, you can see the house Danny Brock used to live in.

         I have been looking at your website the past 2 years and I have really enjoyed keeping up to date on your website. 

              - Keith Rogers


McComas WV Post Office 1971
Waiting for the train to move on so he could move on.  Catholic Church would be to the left.
Crane Creek Tipple, McComas, WV 1971
Entrance to Pinnacle Hollow to the right - Thomas Coal Camp to the left.