additional Alderman Family memories written by Judy Sutherland Spangler


McComas Memories
written by
 Reva Gayle Alderman
February 10, 2006

MHS Graduate OF 1954



Reva's Dad - Lerty Alderman    1896-1976.
Reva's Mother Elizabeth (Lizzy)  1899-1969

Sister Helen Jarvis 1919-1989 Postmistress with Miss Shocky or Bertha Watts around 1950 at McComas and worked in McDowell Post Office with Lena Keesling.

Sister Norma Sutherland/Kade 1923 1993 Clerk at Crane Creek Company Store around 1942-44 she came home to live with us when I was 5 and brought Judy (who was like a new baby sister for me). 

 My parents lived at Montcalm in 3 different homes. The old Dunford house, Graves house and a Taylor house then to McComas, Hoot Owl Hollow between 1925-36 as was custom for many miners in those days and times.  They moved to McDowell County where he worked until 1943 when they returned to Crane Creek to work.  He bought a house in Hoot-Owl Hollow in 1944 and then moved to Rich Creek, VA in 1960.

When I was in second grade I remember Mr. Bailey as Principal and Mrs. Landreth, Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Garrett as my elementary teachers.

I attended Crane Creek Methodist Church with memories of Sunday School and summers in Bible School.  There I became friends with the Webb twins who came with their sister and her children, Eugene and Phyllis Bell.  Our teachers were Mr. Walker Quillan, Mrs. Helen Elmore, other neighbors, Mr. Wolfe the blacksmith, Mr. C. Kade the teamster for Crane Creek, Kirks, Harmons, Bucchi's, Ms. Coffee, Ables, Fowlers, Halls, Handcocks, Spencers and Grandma Taylor (our local story teller).  - so many fond memories.

Mr. Stikes was our janitor at MHS for 12 years.  My dad worked there for about 1 year until around 1950 when Mr. Mathena became janitor.  Bonnie Bailey was our 4-H Adviser at the Prosperity Methodist Church at Windmill Gap.  We had our projects displayed in the store window at Grose's store and had fun-filled days and picnics at the ballfield at Crystal.


left:  John D. & Helen Jarvis lived in McDowell County then moved to McComas

right:  Leonard (son of Charlie) and Norma Kade - lived in Sagamore



left:  Reva Gayle Alderman 1953 
right: Norma & Helen Alderman at McDowell around 1936

Left Photo:  Hoot Own Hollow (Family) 1955 Back: Norma Kade - Reva Gayle - Helen Jarvis Front Lerty & Lizzie Alderman
Top/Middle Photo:  Mr. Stikes MHS janitor for 12 years  
Bottom/Middle Photo:
Judy Sutherland (Norma's daughter)
Top/Right Photo:  Norma, Reva Gayle, Helen  
Bottom: Right Photo:  Lerty & Lizzy's Family 1965 (Reva Gayle, Helen, Norma, Lizzy & Lerty (standing in front of their daughters)








Up in the Air over the bothersome habits of his grandchildren R. A. Lusk built a house in a tree to get away from it all.  The tree house is shown in the top picture.  The stilts on which the house rests became necessary as Lusk added to the house.  Below Mrs. Lusk calls up to the tree house for Lusk as several grandchildren look on.  (Sunset News Staff Photo)


"This was in McComas near Pinnacle Hollow or Thomas in the late 40s or early 50s.  I thought it was interesting enough for my ol' scrap book." Reva Gail said.

McComas Group Gathering in front of the Theatre



"I also am sure that the man in the picture of the McComas Group in front of the theater - by the old car, is my dad (Lerty Alderman)" (quote by Reva Alderman Coates)