Email from Susie Keiser Woods to Pat Smith July 24, 2007

Dear Pat Smith,

My name is Susie Keiser Woods.  I was born in Sagamore Hollow in 1944. My Mom and DadTodd & Siletta Keiser were JO (Todd) and Siletta (not Saleda) Keiser, and my sister was Shirley who married Bobby Gates in 1951.  I have so many fond memories of that time....the Sherga's, Hodges (David especially whom I loved)!!, the Tabors, the Whittington's (Molly and Terry), Mrs. Petronazie (?) a teacher at the Sagamore 2 room school, and especially a Mrs. Poe my first grade teacher who was so mean and had her favorite kids....also, I remember the Snows, Ricky and Tommy, and how beautifully Mrs. Snow played her grand piano, and also the Moody's, Chudina" many fond memories, and when I looked at the photos of Sagamore  the memories came flooding back, especially attending Thomas Memorial Methodist Church,,,,,such a beautiful church at the time.  I did not know there was a web site until today when my brother-in-law, Bobby Gates's twin sister Billy Wagner told my sister about it...It has been wonderful seeing a few pictures of my Mom and Dad and sister Shirley and others that I remember so well.  I read the letter from Bill Sherga and that his sister Jean lives in Largo, Fl now.  I would love to hear from her.  I also live in Florida not more than 50 miles from Largo.  My email address is .  I just returned home today Shirley, Diane, Bobby Gates in 1952after being with my sister Shirley and brother-in-law Bobby Gates visiting them for the last 3 weeks....I do have a few old pictures but I am not sure how to scan them and email, but will try. I know there is not much in the area now, but back in the 40"s and early 50's, it was a beautiful place.  Keep the web site going.


Susie Keiser Woods

Todd Keiser