Crane Creek Elementary School
Grades 5 & 6  1946-1947

photo supplied by Reva Gayle Alderman Coates

identify each person by row and position # if you know them
I would to identify these faces if anyone can help email me.

Row 1:  Mr. Bailey,  June Wellman,  Bucky Sutherland, Louise Tiller,  Jese Smith, Lula Bell Eller

Row 2:  Nancy Elmore, Eugene Bell,  Mozell Smith, Larry  Fowler

Row 3:  Donald Conley, Betty Eller, 3, Shirley Krondon

Row 4:  Loretta Harless, Buddy Kirk, Caroline Hall, 4, J.C. Conley,  Claudia Willoughby, Donald Kade

Row 5:, Jimmy Bird, Gayle Alderman, Freddie Dickerson, 4, Percy (Cotton) ?, Carol Sutherland

Row 6:  Andrew Smith,  Lester?, Clayton Kade, Carl Fowler, Silvio Basconi

email received by Reva Gayle Alderman Coates Jan 2008 named most of these students
she requested her email address be added to this page -- REVA GAYLE ALDERMAN