Sagamore Elementary School
1947-48 4th Grade Class

Email dated:  Mon 9/17/2007 11:21 PM

Pat here are two more pic's these are of Sagamore Elementary School, Dixie Godfrey Puckett sent them to me, she say's Zona Gail Farrington and Terry Whittington are in the pic's and she can't remember the rest of the name's, maybe you can float the two pic's around and someone is bound to be able to name everyone, please let me know who they are, O.K.?  Ans when you can, Janice Howell Shrader

help me name these students (row, position #) email Pat Smith





Front:  1, 2, Jimmy Murphy, 4, 5, 6

Back Terry Whittington, Carolyn Murphy, 3, Kay Miller (?), Dixie Godfrey, Zona Farrington, Jimmy (Fudge) Hodges(?)        

(left to right)

Zona Farrington,

Dixie Godfrey,

 Kay Miller(?),


 Carolyn Murphy