Terry Tabor's Sagamore Friends

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some pictures taken at Shawnee Lake - others at Sagamore Hill

Note from webmaster Pat Smith - these pictures are a testament to how hard we played in our youth at McComas.  We had great friends and vivid imaginations.  The pictures from Sagamore Hill show the area around the Community Center in the background and if you notice how bare the mountains are of trees at that time.  Its so different today with the mountainsides all grown and covered with trees and vegetation.  The Shawnee Lake photos are a great reminder of another place that once was and now doesn't exist.  Many enjoyed the cabins and the pool there over the years. Terry thanks for sharing these wonderful memories with the viewers of this website.

Saleda and Shirley Keiser abt 1942

Saleda Keiser and Arnold Tabor seated Ethel and Bill Sherga

Ethel Sherga and Frances Tabor abt 1943

Jean and Bill Sherga abt 1943

Bill Jean Ethel and Joe Sherga Shirley and Saleda Keiser

Jean and Ethel Sherga Shirley Saleda and J.O. Keiser

Joe Sherga

Bill and Jean Sherga

Ethel and Joe Sherga
  Arnold Tabor and Ethel Sherga
  Ethel Sherga and Frances Tabor

Bill Sherga abt 1942

  Jean and Ethel Sherga abt 1942
  Shirley, Saleda, Joe, Terry, Jean, Ethel, and Arnold

J.O. and Shirley Keiser Arnold and Terry Tabor Joe and Jean Sherga

Terry Tabor and Shirley Keiser

Bill Sherga and Terry Tabor abt 1943

Bill Sherga and Terry at Lake Shawnee


Terry Tabor and Jean Joe and Bill Sherga

Terry Tabor and Shirley Keiser 1942

Jean Sherga holding Terry Tabor Bill Sherga and Shirley Keiser 1942

Bill Serga (left) and Terry Tabor abt 1942

Oney Mangus about 1942

Ellen Mangus (left)  and Beulah Mangus
(right) abt 1943

Ethel Sherga Lake Shawnee abt 1942

Sagamore Hill Pictures
written by Terry Tabor May 2007

We lived on Sagamore Hill from January 1942 until late 1944 when we moved up Sagamore Hollow.  There were seven houses on the hill.  Although I was very young at this time, I remember some of the neighbors who lived there then.

Mr. and Cletus Vaughn.  They had one son for sure, Dallas (MHS class of 1952) and maybe another Harloe (MHS class of 1948).  I don’t remember Harloe, but saw him in the 1949 graduation picture and think maybe he was Dallas’ brother.  I do remember Dallas because I watched him play on the MHS championship basketball team in 1952. I definitely remember his Mom’s buttermilk and cornbread.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gillespie.  I vaguely remember them and am reminded of their children by an old Bluefield Daily Telegraph newspaper article.  It told of the death of their son, Herbert, in January 1945.  He was in the U.S. Navy and drowned in San Francisco Bay.  He enlisted in August 1944 when he was in the 10th grade at MHS.  He had two siblings, a sister Mabelle, and a younger brother, Bobby.  I don’t remember any of the children. The Gillespies moved  to Herndon around 1945, where Mr. Gillespie was the general mine foreman for the Lamar Colliery Company at Lamar.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe (Ethel) Sherga and their children, Jean and Bill.  Joe was a mine foreman. I thought of Bill as the big brother I never had and if we had known each other for a longer period of time I think we would have become special friends.  The Sergas moved to Bluefield in the late 40s or early 50s and I think Bill graduated from Beaver High in Bluefield, WV.  Because Jean was older I assume she did too.

Mr. and Mrs. Oney (Rose) Mangus and their daughters Ella and Beulah (MHS class of 1938), married Herman “Snooky” Stapleton (MHS class of 1940), and son Ellsworth (MHS class of 1945).  I think Ella might have graduated from MHS in 1936, but don’t have that list to verify that possibility.  Their older sister Minnie, who married Roy Bailey and was living in Bluefield, VA at that time, might have also graduated from MHS, but I don’t know that for sure either.  Oney Mangus soon (mid 1940s) became the Superintendent of  the Sagamore Colliery and held that position for 6-8 years.  I will write more about the Mangus and Stapleton families later. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Keiser (Saleda) and their daughters Shirley (MHS class of 1952), married Bobby Gates (MHS class of 1952 and teamamate of Dallas Vaughn on the 1952 MHS basketball team) and Susie, who was a couple of years younger than me.  Mr. Keiser was bookkeeper for the Sagamore Company Store, I think. The Keisers moved up the hollow before 1944 and Ella Mangus and her new husband Tom Moore became our next door neighbors for a short period of time. 


Letter to Terry Tabor from Bill Sherga March 16, 1996

Dear Terry,

I don’t know if you remember me Bill Sherga.  We grew up as kids together at Sagamore.  My dad was Joe Sherga and my mother was Ethel, and I have a sister Jean.

Elmer Conner (right)We were recently visiting Gracie and Elmer Conner over at Princeton and they had heard from you.  I have some pictures of you and your mom and dad over at Wolf Creek I  thought you might like to have, so they gave me your address.

I have lived in Oklahoma the last 37 years.  But I had to move to Kennersville, NC in October to finish out my 3 years before I retire.  My wife and I kept our home as we plan to return when I get my time 2 years from April 1st.  So when we get back to Oklahoma, I’ll get those pictures and send them to you.

We visit Gracie and Elmer every few months since we moved out here.  My folks are buried over at bluefield, VA.  My sister Jean lives in Miami, FL since the 50s, until last October when she moved to Largo. 

Hope you remember me. If you are ever in NC, look me up.  We are 12 miles west Greensboro.  I’m the only Sherga in the book.

Bill Sherga

Letter to Terry Tabor from Shirley Keiser Gates September 29, 1995

Hi Terry,

I received your letter, was glad to hear from you.  Sorry we missed everyone at the reunion, but we had other plans.

Bobby and I both retired May 1st. of this year.  We stay so busy we wonder how we got anything done when we worked.

As to you letter, I will pass it on to others that may be able to help with the book.  I am looking forward to the finished product.  If you don’t hear from me fro 3-4 months, I will be trying to get any information that I can.  I will write a history of Bobby and my families.

Will try to be in touch as soon as possible.  I wish you a lot of luck on this “wonderful project”.

Take care, hope to see you and your family at the next reunion.  Tell your mom “hello” for me.

Shirley Keiser Gates