I’m Terry Tabor, son and only child of Arnold Tabor and Frances Cunningham Tabor.  We lived in McComas, WV from January 1942 until January 1954.  Dad was hired by the Pocahontas Fuel Company as a Mine Foreman in 1942 and we moved from Barlow Hollow in Maybeury, WV where I was born July 17, 1941.  Our first house was on Sagamore Hill which overlooked Sagamore Hollow  road where it intersected the main road going on up to Crane Creek and Windmill Gap. From our front walk we could seeTerry lived in this house in Sagamore Hollow from 1944-1954. most of the main Sagamore buildings – the tipple, the machine shop, the bathhouse, the sand house, the company store and the doctor’s office.   In 1944 we moved about half way up the hollow three houses beyond the Sagamore Grade School.  We lived there until December 1953 when we moved to Princeton, WV.

The Tabors moved into Tazewell County, VA in 1810 and settled in the area around Mudfork, VA.  In the mid 1800s, my GGgrandfather, Abraham Tabor moved his family to Coaldale Mountain in McDowell County.  Andrew Jackson Tabor, my Ggrandfather, helped build the railroads into southern WV and worked in the mines for the Mill Creek Coal Company for about forty years.  My grandfather, Walter Tabor followed suit and was an employee of Mill Creek Coal Company for over forty years.  My Dad worked for Mill Creek for about seven years before he switched to Pocahontas Fuel.  After losing his job with Pocahontas Fuel at Sagamore in 1954, he worked another 20 or so years in the Turkey Gap and Itmann mines.  He retired from Itmann in 1976.

We were members of the Thomas Memorial Methodist church where my mother was heavily involved in church activities.  I attended Sagamore grade school through the sixth grade and McComas High School for a year and a half.  Over the years I have gathered information about McComas with the goal of writing a history of that community.  As I finish that project I will contribute to Pat Smith’s McComas web site some of that information and many of the memories I have of the first twelve years of my life.

Pat here is a picture of my Dad in his mining clothes. I think it is the only one I have. I'll send some others of him.

Arnold Monroe Tabor, born February 27, 1914 in Maybeury, West Virginia, died November 2, 1987 in Orange Park, Florida. He was the son of Walter Clay Tabor and Nora Mick Tabor, the husband of Frances Cunningham Tabor (married September 1935) and the father of Terry Ray Tabor. He graduated from Elkhorn High School in McDowell County and immediately began to work as a coal miner at Maybeury. He was a mine foreman at Sagamore from 1942 until 1954. After Sagamore closed he worked at Tralee, then Turkey Gap and Itmann until he retired in 1976.

Arnold Tabor about 1941


Joe Serga and Arnold Tabor "On the Hill" at Sagamore about 1943

Arnold Tabor early 1940s

Arnold Tabor 1940s

Pat here are some pictures of my mother.

Francis Cunnington Tabor about 1942Frances Estelle Cunningham, born September 6, 1914 in Jenkinjones, West Virginia, daughter of Robert Oscar Cunningham and Mattie Estelle Willis. She graduated from Elkhorn High School in McDowell County in 1934 and married Arnold Tabor in September 1935. She lived at Jenkinjones from 1914 until about 1927, at Maybeury from 1927 until 1942, at McComas from 1942 until 1954, at Princeton from 1954 until about 1968, at Dublin, VA from 1968 until 1987 and at Orange Park, Florida from 1987 until her death on February 14, 2003.


Frances Cunningham Tabor mid 1940s

Frances Cunningham Tabor early1940s

Frances Cunningham Tabor 1960s

Frances Cunningham Tabor late1930s

Frances Cunningham Tabor early1993

Frances & Terry Tabor at Maybeury 1941

Arnold & Frances Tabor late 1930s

Arnold & Terry Tabor on Sagamore Hill 1942

Frances & Terry Tabor on Sagamore Hill 1942

Frances & Terry Tabor on Sagamore Hill 1942


the following is quoted  from the 
Mercer County History - 2002 page 393
Printed in the USA by Clinch Valley Printing Co., Inc., North Tazewell, Virginia 24630
submitted by Terry Ray Tabor

Mercer County Historical Historical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 5012
Princeton, WV 24740


"Terry Ray Tabor attended Sagamore Grade School,1947–1952, and McComas High School for 1˝ years when the family moved to Princeton, WV.  Terry graduated from Princeton High School in 1958 and Concord College in 1963. He taught in the public schools of Wythe County, VA and Knox County, TN.  In 1965 he earned a Master’s in Education degree and in 1972 a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology degree, both from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In 1963, he married Joyce Vinson from Man, WV, who also graduated from Concord. They have two daughters, Teri Rae Stevens and Leigh Ann Bronson, one granddaughter, Ashley Leighann Stevens (born: 1998), and two grandsons, Max Tabor Bronson (born 2005) and Jake Cooper Bronson (born 2007). "


"Terry was a founding faculty of the University of North Florida in Jacksonville and completed his thirty-fifth and final year there in 2007. Joyce is a retired school teacher and is currently a tennis teaching professional. The Tabors, Stevens and Bronson's live in Orange Park, Florida."

Terry Tabor & his family today

L/R back row - Frank Bronson, Leigh Ann Bronson, Joyce Tabor, Terry Tabor holding Max Bronson

middle row - Ashley Stevens

L/R front row - Rusty Stevens, Teri Stevens

newest grandson Jake Bronson was not in view of the camera he was born after the photo was taken (Leigh Ann & Frank are the proud parents)


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