Thomas Memorial Methodist Church
McComas, WV over the years

Ramona Neal and her husband Dale Pietsa standing in the yard of the community center
with the Thomas Memorial Church in the backdrop (photo courtesy of Ramona Neal Pietsa)




newspaper article courtesy of the Sanders sisters



Page 33 from the 1953 McComas High School Yearbook showing the choir seated in the
Thomas Memorial Church (this picture was a recent find courtesy of Patricia Rife)



Thomas Memorial Church, McComas WV - as it stands today gutted, roof falling in -
a shell only of what it use to be.  From a distance its grandeur is still there.  Notice 4 railroad crossing signs
in the 1st photo above with none in this photo.  No trains make the trip to McComas these days. 
The coal tipples are closed and the railroad tracks were removed.


Church Bulletin 1955-56 click to view more....

I remember this church well.  I attended girl scout meetings and later Methodist Youth Fellowship and basketball meeting in the basement  We had a team that traveled near and far to play their games. My uncle Luther Huffman coached the team at that time.   I was a cheerleader (early 1960s). 

The ceiling in the chapel holds my strongest memory.  I wish it showed in the pictures of the 1953 high school choir.  Gorgeous wood covered the ceiling.  But you can see the beautiful stained glass windows that pay tribute to the magnificence this church once had. 

I always thought it was magical to sit in church and listen to the choir in the back of the room above us.  Then how they would come down and then sit in the front side of the church.  I also remember Sunday School classes for the very young up in the top of the bell tower.  Later as we were older we met in the basement - which can be seen in the newspaper article about the dinner the Women's Society gave for the high school basketball players.  Easter services still remind me of this church.  My new dresses, white gloves purse and little hats.  Everyone always looked great.   

Anyone with memories of this church to share - I'll include them on the page - just email me.