Terry Tabor's Memories of McComas High School

particularily the class of 1953

Email from: Terry Tabor Sunday February 2, 2003
Subject: McComas High School
Pat, the McComas Web Site is super.  The first graduating class in 1927 consisted of 5 students:

  • Floyd Nathan Jones
  • Mamie Louise Vaughn
  • Thelma Mae Sigman
  • Gladys Thelma Vaughn
  • Mabel Garnette Parker

    The Principal you refer to was Melvin McClain, not Melvin Cline and one of the teachers was Bill Roney, not Pete Rooney.

     The teachers at MHS in 1953 were:  
  • John Magann, Principal
  • Agatha Hughes, History
  • Bonnie Bailey, Librarian
  • Nancy Ruddle, Geography/English
  • Lorraine Catron, Music/English
  • Brookie Smith, Math/Science
  • Lorraine Alley, English/Social Studies
  • Julia Garnett, Home Economics
  • June Beckett, Business Education/Math
  • Betty Johnson, English/Social Studies/Math
  • Doris Cartwright, Physical Education/Science/Social Studies
  • Arthur Rowland, Chemistry/Physics/Industrial Arts
  • Howard Conner, Science Physical Education and Basketball Coach.  

    Miss Beckett was my home room teacher, Miss Ruddle my Geography teacher, Mrs. Alley my English teacher, Mr. Rowland my Industrial Arts teacher, Mrs. Catron my Music teacher and Mr. Conner my basketball coach.  I liked them all but my favorites were Mrs. Alley and Mr. Conner.  Hope this helps.