James Irvon Poore, Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army Retired
 Younger James Poore   Older James Poore
 James Irvon Poore 
Born 15 December 1942, McComas, WV
  • Bertha Mae (Lusk) Poore daughter of
    Rufus Allen Lusk and Nora Lusk of McComas
  • Robert Lee Poore  son of
    Felix Daniel Poore and Alice Amanda Poore of Giatto / Weyanoke WV


  • Mora Elementary School 1-6th Grade
    McComas High School 7-10th Grade
    Bramwell High School 11th Grade

Brothers and Sisters (Oldest to Youngest)

  • Junior Taylor

  • Everett Taylor *

  • Garney Lusk *

  • Loraine Tooley  Young*

  • William C. Tooley

  • Edna May Tooley     Lynch

  • Lula Bell Tooley    Jones

  • Leona Tooley    Shrewsbury

  • James Irvon Poore

  • Roger Lee Poore

  • Judy Marie Poore    Roberts

  • Fairley Poore

  • Stephen (Steve) W. Poore

  • Wanda Louise Poore    Blevins

  • Michael Poore *

 * Deceased
Bold - Married names
All were born in McComas at home except for Wanda. She was born at the hospital in Bluefield

May 2009

I was born and raised in McComas, WV where I had the best days of my life.  I was running up and down the mountains, climbing trees and swinging them over, going into the coal mines at Pinnacle and Thomas Hollow and the Water Tower above the Tipple in Thomas Hollow, just to climb the tower, not to mention things that cannot be told about.

I left McComas in 1960 for Newport News VA and found my first employment.  While I was living in McComas some of the things that I did was deliver the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, The Sunset News Observer and a mail order paper called "GRIT".  I helped Mr. Sockley at the Company Store in Pinnacle with loading and delivering groceries to families who shopped at the Company Store.  

My dad was a coal miner and also was very good at television and radio repair.  He and I sat up antennas on several mountain tops and at one time had several people connected to our antenna system (when we lived across from the company store).  Perhaps dad had the first cable TV system in the USA.  I know for sure he did in McComas and the local area.  My dad could do whatever was needed for the survival of the family and the coal company.

I joined the US Army in October 1961 and took Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC, graduating on my 18th birthday in 1961.  After 15 days leave in McComas I traveled to Fort Gordon, GA where I attended Radio Repair School for 23 weeks.  After graduation, I then became an instructor at the Signal School until the Cuban Crisis in October 1962.  I was alerted for deployment but the crisis eased and I was sent to Mannheim, Germany in October 1962.  I was assigned to the 7th Army, 504th Signal Battalion and Sullivan Barracks as a radio repairman in a depot repair facility.  I worked there with the intent of coming back to the US in October 1964. 

As fate and God would have it I laid my eyes on a woman that stopped me in my tracks and for the first time in my life I was speechless.  I was able to impress her enough for her to agree to a dinner date.  I met her at a restaurant and before the meal was over I was so in love that I asked her to marry me on my first date.  That's what is meant by LOVE at 1st sight.  She thought that I was crazy and was joking because she knew that I only had about 60 days left in Germany before I had to leave for the US.  It took about 6 months for all of the paper work to be done and the investigations and record searches before an American GI could marry a German National.  I had no choice but to ask the First Sergeant to allow me to extend my tour of duty.  He laughed so loud that they heard him in the next building.  You see I didn't have the best record of behavior in the unit and staying in the Army to the First Sergeant for me was a joke.  After discussion he decided that I would extend and go to Bad Tolz and complete the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy.  He would allow me to extend or re-enlist.  In the meantime my new girl friend thought that I had left Germany and went back to the US - that is until she received my first letter from Bad Tolz.  The rest is history.  We married on April 2, 1965 and have 3 children (1 boy and 2 girls).  At this writing it has been 44 years of marriage with Rosemarie Hedwig (Hammer) Poore.

While in the Army I served in Korea (1967-68) as a Tactical Communications Chief.  I served in Vietnam (1968-69) as a Village Hamlet Communications Advisor.  I also served two more tours in Germany (June 1970 - April 1974) (June 1977-June 1980).

I was appointed Warrant Officer and served as Chief Communications Electronics Repair Technician in a large Repair Facility at Fort Bragg, NC for my last active tour of duty.  I retired from the Army on March 31, 1984.  After retirement I worked with a major manufacturing firm that contracted with the Army and the Department of Defense.  As such I was attached to the US Army Signal Center at Fort Mommouth, NJ for assignment in Desert Storm/Desert Shield.  I was awared the COMMANDERS AWARD FOR PUBLIC SERVICE from the Department of the Army for my efforts in the Gulf War.

So I really never left my beloved military.  My house is only 100 feet from the Ft Bragg, NC boundary.  Once a soldier, always a soldier.  (The training never leaves you neither does the pride knowing you were a service member.  You can take a person out of the military but can't take the military out of a person).  Duty, Honor and Country.

James I. Poore
Chief Warrant Officer
US Army Retired

  • The Bronze Star Medal  November 17, 1969
  • The Army Commendation Medal  April 10, 1974
  • Distinguished Graduate Advanced Electronics Equipment Maintenance NCOES Course, Fort Gordon, GA July 24, 1975
  • Joint Service Commendation Medal  December 1976
  • The Army Commendation Medal  August 2, 1978
  • The Meritorious Service Medal  June 23, 1980
  • The Meritorious Service Medal  May 29, 1984
  • Commander's Award for Public Service  February 6, 1992